Chad’s also quite a prolific voice actor!

Currently On Air

“Eigo no Orton”
eigo no orton

Katoh stars as “Ao-chan” on the left
and “Peachy” is played by Chad!aochan_peachy


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Hitoshi Matsumoto’s
“The 100 Phrases I Want To Lean in a Foreign Language”
〜 English 〜

Ore No Oboetai

Voice Samples

Funnyish, with a bit of Suave



80% Power


Refined ⇔ Relaxed ⇔ Refined



English (the Aussie accent’s intentional!)


Güiro-loving Alpaca-ish♪


Previous Weekly/Daily TV Shows As Narrator

“Hakkutsuberry” (TV Tokyo)  23:55 on Fridays (2014~15)Hakkutsuberry - Voice Actor Japan Chad

“Ohastar 645 GO!GO!!!” (TV Tokyo) 6:45 (Mon-Fri) (2014~15)おはスタ645 GO! GO!!! - Voice Actor Japan Chad

“Kawaiian TV” starting Dec. 1st! (2014~15)Kawaiian TV - Voice Actor Japan Chad Narrator

“FIAT shite SMILE” (YouTube) (2014)Fiat して Smile - Voice Actor Japan Chad Narrator

“Power☆Purin” (TBS)  (2012-13)Power Purin - Voice Actor Japan Chad Narrator

Other Notable Works

He’s also voiced Jose the Alpaca in the 2012 film
“Paper Bunnies”Kamiusagi - Voice Actor Japan Chad Narrator

narrated “The Adventures of May” in
Hitoshi Matsumoto’s cult show “MHK” (2011-12)The Adventures of May (NHK) 2011 - Voice Actor Japan Chad

and he’s even sung in such commercials such as
“Kirin Namacha”

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