Chad Mullane (the duo!)
do fun educational, motivational, international seminars
(in English and/or Japanese)

They perform for:

  • students (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • family oriented events
  • the elderly!

After a childhood in Perth, Australia, and a stint as a high school exchange student in Osaka, Chad joined Japan’s biggest entertainment conglomerate “Yoshimoto Inc.” in 1999.

A two-year comedic apprenticeship under the wings of mentor Osamu Bonchi sent Chad on the road to become a nationally renowned comedian himself.

A decade later…

  • he’s on television most days
  • he stars in serial drama shows and films
  • he makes more than 200 live performances annually at theaters, festivals and stages all over Japan
  • he helps nurture the creative minds of tomorrow as a lecturer at Yoshimoto’s “NSC” academies in Osaka & Tokyo
  • he’s the No.1 subtitle translator for Japanese films and other visual content
  • he works with the most creative minds in Japan to break the language and cultural barriers that keep the rest of the world oblivious to their charm
  • he serves as an advisor to the Japanese government-lead “Cool Japan” initiative, and on national committees regarding Japanese as a second language
  • he’s busy creating his own fun things to do in the meantime!

Chad Mullane (the duo!) condense those unique experiences into an hours’ worth of either:

a) specific advice for those who are interested in his work on the frontier of Japan’s cultural global expeditions
b) general fun lessons to be learned from the unique life Chad’s led
c) anywhere in between!

For valuable insight (accompanied with fun outsight) from Chad Mullane
say Hi!


The Flying Doctor - Chad Japan Seminar

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